Ashley Victoria

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Artist / Musician

One of Chicago’s exciting young country rock singers. This is a short story on how young Ashley started singing at 5 years of age along with her father’s band. In middle school she joined the show choir, by high school her talents had developed to fronting a live band.

In 2014 she joined a contest which is the first time she appeared on stage as lead singer in a singing competition, and many Country Rock musicians & business personal took notice.

In a short time Ashley had performed in venues like Toby Keith’s Rosemont, Tootsie’s in Nashville along with shows in New Mexico, New York and Tennessee.

In 2016 she utilized her songwriting talents to begin writing with her band, and currently she’s about to release a full album. Ashley’s style has been described as”Country with an element of Hard Rock” or Country with an Edge!

The current band- Wally Swiatly (vocals), Barry Smolka (drums), Ritchie Pawlak (bass), Nick Barelli (guitar),
Bojan Kovelski (keyboards), Gary Victorine (steel