Dave Major & the Minors

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Dave Major1
Artist / Musician
Dave Major & The Minors was a staple of the Midwest “lounge” circuit in the early 70s.
Originally from Dixon, Illinois, Dave Perry was music major at Northern Illinois University while his twin brother Dick and the other members were music minors, thus the name. They were actually first called The Esquires, but that resulted in a conflict with another group who already had the name.
While only a five piece band, on stage it seemed like an orchestra. Perry himself could play 17 different instruments and at any given time the band had as many as 35 instruments on stage. Their popularity stemmed from the fact that their set list could bridge the generation gap with their selection of music; the proficiency of their music with five part harmony vocals, tight arrangements, driving rhythms and full orchestral sound; and that Perry, as a frontman, was not only musically talented but served as a charismatic, funny emcee for their performances.
The original lineup consisted of Dave Perry (aka Dave Majors), Dick Richards, Terry Diers, Gary Williams, Dave “Lucky” LaMire, Steve Joyce; although over the years a plethora of players became “Minors.”
They released three self-produced albums in the early 70s in their “show tune” style of mostly cover tunes. And toured the Midwest in venues such as The Embers (Elgin, Illinois), Fields Supper Club (Oak Lawn, Illinois) and were considered the “house band” at The Navaronne (Elk Grove Village, Illinois).
Sadly, their story ended on a very sour note. According to the reports, Perry was involved in a very messy divorce and custody battle over two of their children. Overwrought, Perry went over the edge, murdering his ex-wife’s new husband and mother, and ended up being killed himself by the police.
To get a taste of how Dave Majors & The Minors sounded, take a listen to “Angie Baby” – and “2001 Space Odyssey” –
And see what they were like with these videos of a performance in the Chula Vista in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin:
Someone New (B C Records BCS 310) 1970
Second Record Album (B C Records 311) 1972
Our 3rd Record (B C Records BCS 312) 1973