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This supergroup was put together when local Gary Levin, who was playing with Ruby Starr & Grey Ghost signed to Capitol Records, felt his career was on an uplift. He left the band came back to Chicago, together with Cliff Johnson of Pezband, they put together a gathering of Stars! with Pete Comita of Beowulf /Star Driver, Jon Brandt, Ricky Wilcox on drums, eventually replaced by Tommy Aldridge of Black Oak Arkansas, who Levin brought in as they worked together in the Ruby Star era! Along with great rememberable songs, some featured on Pezband and Johnson’s Off-Broadway records , & some written with Johnson and Comita , d’Thumbs with a Stellar stage show featuring Levin and Comita as the Valentino Brothers doing their pristine duel leads, & the slamming Punch from Aldridge & Brandt, and we can’t forget the incredible antics of front man Riff Johnson. Here is links to their demo!, Do to legalities the band was unable to get signed! Aldridge then left to Pat Travers, Ozzy Osbourne, now Whitesnake, Comita formed the band Empire with Mickey Jones of Angel & Steven Riley The Bzz,L.A. Guns, & in 1980 replaced Tom Peterson on Bass in “Cheap Trick” shorty replaced by Jon Brandt. Cliff got with John Pazdan to form “Off Broadway”. Levin left to L.A. to pursue a solo career and now has his own solo album.