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The Illinois Rock and Roll Museum on Route 66 is proud to pay tribute to one of Chicago’s own musician/artist, with this story, timeline, & photo gallery, and soon on our Wiki site a complete Bio along with one of his Historical drum sets in the museum’s exhibit area! Enjoy this short Global Music success stories which would be a Dream to some. If you’ve met him then you know the Signature SNAP the finger hand shake of Emmy Award winning drummer “GREGG POTTER.” Gregg currently is the drummer with the new Buddy Rich Band, a sixteen piece Big Band made up of Buddy Alumni who actually played with BR himself! Gregg fronted the BR Band throughout the Buddy Rich Centennial Celebration year 2017-2018 World Tour Not only crisscrossing the United States, but barnstorming Europe, including a sold out week at the prestigious Ronnie Scott’s UK, where Buddy recorded several albums and solidified his drumming mastery abroad. 2019 was filled with more drumming around the world. Gregg was featured in the August 2018 issue of DRUMHEAD Magazine, the number one drum magazine in circulation. Gregg’s inaugural show with the Buddy Rich Band was at the 25th Anniversary Buddy Rich Memorial Concert in England at the London Palladium in April of 2012, with that performance he definitely put his mark on the International drumming world. He lead the band through a sold out 2012 Summer Tour and a 2013 SRO Japan concert series, He was also featured in the December 2012 special commemorative Buddy Rich issue of Modern Drummer Magazine and the DRUMHEAD Magazine 2017 Legend’s issue. In 2016, Hal Leonard Publishing released a first ever! “Buddy Rich Play Along” CD/ Book package featuring Gregg’s drumming along with the Buddy Rich Alumni Band.
Gregg started at a very young age, I remember when he was a teenager in 1978 he played in a band with his brother Glenn Potter, I was in a local band with a sound system for rent & his band “Feedback” hired my system to do sound for a local high school. After watching this shorter than average teen in a Karate Ghee behind a stainless steel Ludwig Octopus Drum Set playing Rush, Styx, REO, Aerosmith, Rod Stewart, Kiss, and nailing all of the different styles of drumming, along with throwing his own signature arm swings while accurately hitting a crash cymbal in between every fling …….whether it be up or down, then standing up and with his arm sleeve, muting the cymbals…. pointing to the audience and smiling! I remember at the end of the show I said “kid your a monster” get rid of those 5A drumsticks put some 2B’s in your hands & When you get used to those, turn them around backwards and “SLAM” that snare drum. You have what it takes to go far! After getting him into the back door at the most popular concert Club in Chicago, B’ginnings, owned by Danny Seraphine of the band Chicago, Gregg watched drummers like Tommy Aldridge of
“d’Thumbs” “Ozzy,” “Whitesnake” & James Orion of “Ritz”, he knew that was the path he wanted to follow. Gregg began his professional drumming career after winning the Slingerland/ Louie Bellson National Drum Contest at the legendary Frank’s Drum Shop in Chicago. As a High School student he was presented with the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award along with several other Jazz soloist individual awards.
While still a teenager, he landed the drumming spot with Radio Hall of Fame icon Steve Dahl. Along with Dahl and his band Teenage Radiation, Gregg scored two hit singles, performed on Dahl’s daily radio show, syndicated national radio shows, Emmy Award winning television specials, feature film soundtracks, daily morning television shows, and live concert appearances.
He was the most sought-after drummer in the Chicagoland area playing with multiple bands, studio sessions and live appearances. In 1985 GP part of the band ” He Say She Say ” which featured Jol Dantzig, Owner of the Legendary Hamer Guitar Company, Broadway star, Beatlemania vocalist, Mitch Weissman, and bass guitar slinger Jon Skender. The band, along with Gregg, played many of the infamous Hamer guitar NAMM Jams. It was at these parties held at the Limelight in Chicago that GP played with rock icon’s like John Entwistle from The Who, Steve Stevens with Billy Idol, Jack Blades and Brad Gillis from Night Ranger, along with Quiet Riot/ Ozzy/ Whitesnake legend Rudy Sarzo, to name a few. In 1986 amid all the music excitement, Gregg slipped in an acting career that was offered to him playing the “Tough Guy” in the movie “Lucas” with Charlie Sheen and Corey Haim. This, and much more lead to Gregg’s first major label record deal with the band “SIREN”. Recordings, videos, and tours followed SIREN’S first album, “All is Forgiven” garnered two hit singles which received heavy MTV rotation and massive radio airplay. Another feature film role was offered in 1989, Gregg started filming the movie “Uncle Buck” with John Candy, but unfortunately had to walk away from the part, due to a dispute with Mercury Polygram Records over the filming and scheduling of the Siren “All Is Forgiven” music video and album release.
In the Fall of 2018, Gregg was able to play again with his friend Rudy and one of his drumming idol’s, Tommy Aldridge at an event in Las Vegas, where Gregg and Rudy were celebrity counselors at the World Famous, Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp.
Gregg has played with many of the artists he grew up listening to, Joe Perry from Aerosmith, Ian Paice from Deep Purple, Danny Seraphine from Chicago, Carmine Appice from Rod Stewart’s band. are just a small example of the names. Gregg and the Buddy Rich Bands guest lists read like a who’s who of Rock. Everyone from Rod Stewart, to Ian Gillan from Deep Purple, to Roger Taylor, drummer from Queen, have been “backstage!”
Another of Gregg’s career highlights is his affiliation with Modern Drummer magazine, Not only was he a featured artist, he also has become a contributing writer for the magazine.
Gregg continues to record, tour, write, educate, and gain the respect of his drumming peers.
Who could imagine, the same guy who now leads the Buddy Rich Band was taken to a night club as a child to see Buddy and now fronts the same group of musicians…….that’s exactly what happened…. Gregg’s Dad took him to see Buddy Rich at Chicago’s famed music venue on Rush Street, Mr. Kelly’s, while Gregg was still in grade school!
Still what is a dream for many, Gregg has lived!
Gregg currently endorses Ludwig Drums, Sabian cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Aquarian Drumheads, Gibralter Hardware, Slug Percussion Products, Trick Drums, SledgePad Innovations, Tama Pedals, Groove Juice, Cympad, Cymbal Sox, Humes and Berg cases.
All Volt Electric
“Your stage volume is a bit loud, you were louder than Moonie.” /John Entwistle, The WHO
“You are my hero.” /Bun E. Carlos, Cheap Trick .
“Wish I played the drums like you” /Eric Carr, KISS
“You’re not just a drummer, you’re an artist.” /Greg Lake, ELP
“I love your playing with the BR Band, you’re not a fusion freak”/ Ed Shaughnessy, Tonight Show NBC Orchestra
“Nice hair kid.” Buddy Rich
-Timeline and Photos-
Feedback 1975-1978 Glenn Potter, Phil Domer, Rich Parenti, Fred Digeralamo,
The Groove 1979-80 Glenn Potter. Phil Dorner, Danny Sabo, GP.
Steve Dahl & Teenage Radiation 19801986 Steve Dahl, Garry Meier, John Skender, Roman Sawczak, Don Melton, Eddie Kammerer, GP.
WLUP FM 98 Radio “The Breakfast Club” WLS 94.7 FM / AM 890
It’s Too Early Television Show.
“Holland” Atlantic Records 1986 Tommy Holland, Joey Cetner. Alex Kane, GP
“VVS1 “1983-1986 Tommy Gawenda, John Skender, Kristin, Claire, Kath Massey,
“HESAYSHESAY” 1985-87 Jol Dantzig, Mitch Weissman, John Skender, GP.
“SMASH ALLEY “1988 Tyler Bates, Paul Messina, Alan Joseph, GP.
“SIREN “Mercury Polygram Records “All Is Forgiven 1989
Robert Haas, Kristin Massey, Jon Brant, GP. MTV Videos “All Is Forgiven” “One Good Lover”
“VENUS D’MILO “1991 Atlantic Records Robert Haas, Kristin Massey, Dave Andre, GP.
“Green” 1992 MCA Records La Pathetique Hear” Jeff Lescher. Clay Tomaczk, GP.
MTV Video “Hear What you Want To
“THE BOYZZ “1995 Epic/ Cleveland Records Dirty Dan Buck, Mike Tafoya, Gil Pini. Jimi Perino, John Abel, John Skender, GP.
“Steve Dahl & The DAHLFINS “2000 Steve Dahl, Doug Rafferty, Dave Hiazinga, Brian Leitner, John Skender, GP.
“PIVOT MAN” 1999-2001 Matt Mercado, Mike Holman, Tom Heslin, Joe Torossian.
GP. ” PET LOVER” 2003 “New Game” Doug Rafferty, Brian Leitner, John Skender, Dave Hiazinga, GP.
“OFF BROADWAY “Atlantic Records 2005-2008 Cliff Johnson, Rob Harding, Mike Gorman, Mike Redmond, GP.
In 2009 Gregg won an EMMY Award for his CBS Television performance at the Grammy Foundation.
“SUPERMERCADO” Darkstar Records 2007 Scary Baby
2009 Chupacabra Matt Mercado, John Skender. Cliff, Michael Ray Garrett, GP.
“MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO” Hands Without Shadows Vegas 2010
“THE BUDDY RICH BAND “2012- Present Buddy Rich Band Alumni players.