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Hammeron 3
Artist / Musician

“Hammeron” fronted by Brian Troch(lead vocals/song writer), Jack Lazor(guitar/vox),Mick Vega(guitar/vox/writer), Danny Vega(bass writer), Pete Pegonas (drums).This lineup premired on “Class of 85” Album on Silver Fin Records, shortly after, Pete Pegonas left to join Damion Thorn, as Jeff Ward took the mantel to complete the very unique rhythm combo of Ward & Vega. In 1986 the band,along with Frank Pappalardo of Tanglewood studios produced their first full record “Nothing to do But Rock” on Silver Fin.

Hammeron’s popularity grew as the band was opening for many National shows,(Motley Crue at Limelite as one)some high profile people in the industry took notice. This unfortunately lead to musicians leaving for other opportunities as Ward moves into a different direction & joins Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Dead Kennedys, Jack Lazor joins “Widows Rose” Mick Vega joins The Plague/Mad Dog, while brother Danny joins Matt Mercado in Mind Bomb which just signed a record deal! This also starts the massive non-stop career Brian Troch who moved on to Zno White & signed to a deal with Combat/Sony & changed the name to “Cyclone Temple” & put out “I Hate Therefore I Am” which is still sought after gem with many cult followers and was featured on MTV’s Headbangers ball, which that brought Troch to Boston to front for “Shooting Hemlock”putting 3 more albums under his belt, “Clock-Watcher,” Big Green Monster” &” Color Spackled Empty”,& opening for many national acts as a Warrant,& Slaughter. Brian also landed the role of Anas in Jesus Christ Superstar in New York! Troch’s exciting career brings him today with his own alternative project with his Multi talented wife Jenny Franck, & Vegas Blue Man Group drummer Jeff Tortora”Elliott Waits For No One” which signed to Dark Star Records/Sony/Universal musical group,& released a Video Single along with a Complete album June 2020