Jamestown Massacre

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Illinois Rock & Roll Museum on Rt. 66 brings you back to some of the first IL.Commercial Superstar bands which some members have wrote & co- wrote Global Hit songs charted top on billboard , movie soundtracks, steady radio play, & Multi Platinum record sales here’s 70’s Band “Jamestown Massacre / Mariah”
The original Jamestown Massacre were all from the Downers Grove & local suburban community’s…..
They played with many bands throughout the of which was “The American Breed” who had a few hit songs.
Dave Bickler was also in Jamestown and can be heard on Summer Sun. He eventually joined up with Survivor as the original lead singer. He also played with The New Colony Six who also had many hit songs….this included the Ides of March…….
Summer Sun was released in the summer of 1972. It was recorded at GM Recording Studio in Detroit, Michigan in the later months of 1971. Summer Sun was first released on the LUV label, which was a local record label in Detroit.The band signed with Warner Bros. records in early 1972. Dave Bickler left the band shortly before they signed with Warner Bros. to pursue a career singing commercials for radio and TV.
They began a sound relationship with many of these great musicians… managers, club owners, local radio DJ’s, and record producers! As music, sound, and looks changed in the mid 70’s, they changed the name The Jamestown Massacre to “Mariah”. They released several 45’s (some on Wa rner Bros- and a few others) then recorded their album. The bands close friend, Jim Peterik (Ides of March) wrote several songs which they added to their album. Jim worked with them in the studio along with their producers as well.
Mariah then moved to the West Coast and lived in Long Beach California where they debuted the album and toured many cities. Some of them included: The Newport Pop Festival and performed with Ike & Tina Turner, Ambrosia, and many others..They also performed at Knotts Berry Farms along with The Turtles …Disneyland and many other local clubs throughout Southern California. They began to work on the 2nd album and recorded several new songs.Upon returning to Chicago,they continued to work in the area playing many venues….As budgets got tighter, and performances slowed down, others focused! on their individual creativity….Jim Peterik was in the process of putting a new band together…He eventually called it “Survivor” .That band included Frank Sullivan. Mariah eventually sank in the sunset, leaving some players wanting to continue their pursuit in music..
The Original Member
Vic. Comforte Leader,Lead Vocal Joined to Mariah。
Dave Bickler Lead Vocal,Trumpet,Flute Joined To Survivor。
John Gillerin Lead Guitar,Backgroud Vocals .
Dennis Carlson Lead Guitar,Backgroud Vocals .
Mark Zapel Bass guitar .
Jeff Quinn Organ,Trumpet,Background Vocals .
Glenn Messmer Drums .
Members which joined later includes.
Frank Sullivan Guitar,Vocal Joined To Mariah & Survivor,
Len Fogerty Lead Guitar,Backgroud Vocals Replaced John Gilerin .Joined To Mariah. Playing on D’Zyre
Mark Ayers Keyboards Replaced Jeff Quinn. Joined To Mariah. Playing on D’Zyre
Wayne Divarco Drums Replaced Glenn Messmer. Joined To Mariah
Roger Cordell Lead Guitar,Backgroud Vocals Replaced Dennis Carlson. Joined To Mariah
1969:Comin Home To You /The Next Road(Destinatison)
1972:Summer Sun/Words & Rhymes(LUV104)
1972:Summer Sun/Words & Rhymes (Re-issued by Warner Bros. 7603)
1974:Saturday Night/Valley(Werner7784)
♪Cash Box Top 100…………………… ………….9/02/72 #78 SUMMER SUN/Jamestown Massacre
♪Billboard HOT 100 …………………………………..9/09/72.#90 SUMMER SUN/Jamestown Massacre
♪WCFL (Chicago) TOP 40 ………………….26/8/72. #20 SUMMER SUN/Jamestown Massacre
♪TBS(TOKYO),Weekly Pops Best 10………. 12/72..#18 SUMMER SUN/Jamestown Massacre
Comin’ Home(US:Destination)
Summer Sun (US:Warner)
Summer Sun (JAPAN:Warner)
Saturday Night(US:Warner)
Summer Sun(Japan)
Mariah(United Artists/UA-LA493-G)
“Bob Stroud’s Classic Rock Roots Volume 2”.(Issued around Chicago Area in1999:Out Of Print)
1. One Fine Morning – Lighthouse
2. Let Me – Paul Revere & Raiders
3. Lake Shore Drive – Aliotta, Haynes & Jeremiah
4. I Love You – People
5. I Dig Everything About You – The Mob
6. Nobody But Me – Human Beinz
7. Summer Sun – Jamestown Massacre
This is a CD first. It also is the top voted song that people asked Bob to get on this CD. They were a Chicago group.The 45 in ’72 was on WB and this is truly on great track.
8. Crimson & Clover – Tommy James & Shondells
9. Go Back – Crabby Appleton
10. Psychotic Reaction – Count Five
11. You, I – The Rugby’s
12. You Wouldn’t Listen – Ides Of March
CD Box:Million Hits Collection /ToshibaEMI(JAPAN)
Thanks To: Vic. Comforte,Jeff Quinn,Len Fogerty,Mike Hartman, Toshinori Mogi, Tohru Ueshiba
Isao Sasaki
Since 2002.1.26. Link to Summer Sun