WXRT Radio

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WXRT (93.1 FM)

WXRT, also known as XRT and 93-XRT, is an adult alternative radio station broadcasting from Chicago, IL.  For many years their slogan was “Chicago’s Finest Rock” and today it is “Chicago’s Home For Music Lovers.”  Transmitting from atop John Hancock Center, its studios are located at Two Prudential Plaza.

WXRT has gone through many incarnations and owners.  Originally, WFJL went on the air in 1949 and operated as a non-commercial station by Louis College of Science and Technology—today known as Lewis University.  The station was taken over by the Roman Catholic Arch Diocese in 1956. Programming consisted of religious, educational, talk, news, and CYO Boxing.  In 1960 the station’s call sign was changed to WSBC-FM and featured musical programming that included classical, jazz, and folk music shows.

In 1963, the call sign was changed to WXRT.  The format as it exists today began in August 1972 as a nighttime-only freedom rock experiment.  A progressive rock format was started by Don Bridges in the 1970’s and by the 1980’s the station was playing new wave, synthpop, and alternative music.

Today WXRT plays a broad range of music utilizing a 5,000 song playlist to feature blues, reggae, folk-rock, pop, and rock and roll music.  Locally produced shows include Saturday Morning Flashback hosted by Johnny Mars, Frank E. Lee, and Annalisa.  Breakfast With the Beatles is hosted by Terri Hemmert, and Lin Brehmer hosts Lin’s Bins.  All Vinyl Saturday began in 2016 and features albums from the personal collections of several of the station’s DJ’s.  XRT Friday Feature spotlights two artists or bands popular among its listeners.

WXRT was inducted into the Illinois Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2023.

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