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Zoetrope was was formed in 1977 by teenage friends Barry Stern(drums/voals), Kevin Michael Rasofsky, aka Kevin Michael , (guitar), and Calvin “Willis” Humphrey (bass), soon to be joined by second guitaristKen Black. Initially playing covers, the band soon ventured into writing their own material and released a single in 1981. Although undeniably a metal band, Zoetrope was also active in Chicago’s punk scene often sharing bills with local hardcore bands. Following the release of a
couple of demo tapes, the group was signed to Combat Records and issued their first LP Amnesty in 1985. In 1987 the band traveled to Los Angeles to record their follow up, A Life of Crime, with producer Randy Burns. During the recording sessions, Ken Black left the band and returned to Chicago to sort out substance abuse issues. He wasreplaced by Louis Svitek. Although Svitek appears on the album’s cover, Kevin Michael later confirmed that Ken Black had finished his guitar parts before leaving Los Angeles. During the tour supporting A Life of Crime, Svitek was recruited to play guitar for M.O.D by Billy Milano.

After the tour, Barry Stern jumped ship to join fellow Chicagoans Trouble. Kevin Michael eventually returned with a new line up
for 1993’s Mind Over Splatter but the band folded for good soon after. Barry Stern died on April 1, 2005, from complications after hipreplacement surgery. Trouble dedicated their 2007 album Simple Mind Condition to his memory.