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How to maximize and manage revenue streams from music.

Anyone can release music to the public. For example, over 60,000 new tracks are uploaded on Spotify daily. In this class you will learn how to market your music and how to maximize your music revenue streams.

Topics in this course include:

  • Finding and maximizing music revenue streams.
  • How to pitch and license your music for TV shows, films and advertisements.
  • How to get your song playlisted on streaming services and radio.
  • Starting your own record and publishing company.
  • Examining record company and publishing deals.
  • Finding, building, and maintaining your fan base.
  • Understanding sales and marketing data analytics.
  • Marketing and sales strategies for selling music including NFTs, Direct-to-Fan Sales, and retail sales.
  • An examination of new music business trends and strategies.

​This course is taught either one-on-one/project-by-project basis or in a group environment. The course is taught by a VP of Sales & Marketing who has worked for both major and independent record labels and publishing companies.

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