Eligibility and Election into the

Illinois Rock & Roll Museum’s Hall of Fame



  1. Nominations are made through surveys of the public

  2. A nomination committee will review to ensure that the nominations meet the criteria for eligibility and that the nominations are placed into the appropriate categories.  The screening committee will not make artistic or technical decisions.

  3. Final voting is done by museum members



  • Performance nominee must have first commercial release at least 20 years ago.  DJ's, Radio Stations​, record label, record companies must have been in business at least 20 prior to nominations.

  • Must have a tie to Illinois such as:

o   born in Illinois

o   started career in Illinois

o   based in Illinois

o   recorded in Illinois

  • Categories:

o   band or solo artists

o   radio station

o   deejay

o   record label / record company

o   songwriter