Shure Radio Company – Shure Inc.


Shure Radio Company - Shure Inc.

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Was founded on April 25 by S.N. Shure and started as a one man company selling AM radio kits and parts. The office was located downtown Chicago. By 1931 Shure began developing its first microphone, and by 1942 Shure became the biggest supplier to the Allied Forces providing the T-17B to the U.S. Army and Navy. The company designed products to military specifications…which explains why their products are still durable today.

Ever wonder where this iconic microphone got its shape?

Shure Vocal Master, the first portable total sound system, includes a six-channel mixer, power amplifier, and loudspeakers.

Bill Zenke of Joliet, IL donated a complete Shure Vocal Master PA system including monitors.

The Shure Vocal Master debuted 1967 and was built like a tank to last.

Shure builds to military specs this PA, now owned by the museum, still works perfectly.