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Carl Giammarese


Meet Carl Giammarese


Carl Giammarese began his music career as a founding member of The Buckinghams, as lead guitarist and vocalist, in 1965. The Buckinghams were an important part of creating the sounds of American rock music after the British invasion had arrived and changed everything. The Buckinghams enjoyed No. 1 status and other positions on Billboard’s music charts for 5 years they released 15 hit singles and 4 albums that charted, and toured nationally for five years.

Carl initiated a full national touring schedule for The Buckinghams; he then became the lead singer in 1982. Together with bassist/vocalist Nick Fortuna, they chose three sidemen to perform with them, and they officially re-formed The Buckinghams. Since then, they have toured nonstop, nationally and internationally, individually, with other classic rock performers and as part of the 1985–1986 and several of the Happy Together reunion tours between 2010–2015, which continue to be so successful. They’ve also recorded and released several new albums, CDs, and downloads, keeping pace with the demand for digital media.

Carl continued to write original music and has just released his third solo CD, “Living in the Moment,” in February 2016, arguably his best work to date. He’s also added the roles of producer and arranger to his other roles as singer, songwriter, and solo artist in the past decade, given that it was important to remain current and versed in the latest technologies for recording and music delivery.