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Rafe Sampson


Meet Rafe Sampson

Board Member

Rafe Sampson is the president of Sampson Media Inc. He has degrees in Mass Communications and Marketing. Prior to founding Sampson Media in 2001, he was Creative Director and air personality at Super CFL. Following more than a decade of radio production and programming, he moved on to teach voice, programming and production at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, where he was soon promoted to Director.

Since 2001, Sampson Media has been providing audio for clients on six continents.

In 2016 he was honored to be an inaugural inductee into the Broadcast Hall of Fame at his alma mater, Illinois State University where he is recognized as the founder of the student radio station WZND.

Rafe and Board Member Lou Hinkhouse maintain the Illinois Rock & Roll Museum on Route 66’s Streaming radio station

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