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Sheila White


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Sheila White is an award-winning film and television producer for Road 2 Eternity who has been featured in several magazines and newspaper articles. She has been a guest on several radio networks, and was a former host for a Christian lifestyle network. She is currently the host of the podcast entitled, Gifted with Sheila White. She is a member of a local community access television station, a producer with JD3TV Media & Entertainment as well as the president of a nonfor-profit organization called Go On And Live that provides valuable resources to businesses, individuals, and ministries.

She is an officer with LightCore Animation and an administrator for Skyward Books, which produces innovative, uplifting and entertaining stories through print media. She is also a facilitator for SmarterVision, a neuroscience program, and the author of Discovering Your Uniqueness: A Young Person’s Guide to Discovering Who You Were Created to Be, and Don’t Retire-Refire: Rediscovering Yourself in Your Later Years. She enjoys reading, watching movies with her family, socializing with friends and providing value-centered inspirational media to the world.
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