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The Inductees for the 2020 Illinois Rock & Roll Museum on Route 66 Hall of Fame are:

Induction Ceremony is 2PM - Sunday, March 29th, 2020

at the Renaissance Center Ballroom, 214 N Ottawa Street

Tickets are available at

Eligibility and Election into the

Illinois Rock & Roll Museum’s Hall of Fame



·      Nominations are done through surveys of the public at large via social media survey.

·      Screening will be done by committee to ensure that the nominations meet the criteria for eligibility and that the nominations are placed into the appropriate categories.  The screening committee will not make artistic or technical decisions.

·      Final voting is done by museum members



·         Must have been formed or started at least 25 years ago.

·         Must have a tie to Illinois such as but not limited to:

o   born in Illinois

o   started career in Illinois

o   based in Illinois

o   recorded in Illinois


·         Categories:

o   Band or solo artists

o   radio station

o   deejay

o   record store

o   recording studio

o   recording label

o   music store

o   songwriter

o   ballroom, club, or club owner/manager who has made a significant impact on the Illinois music scene.

·         Significant consideration includes:

o   size of touring region

o   number of recordings

o   longevity

o   and how the nomination’s contribution has enhanced music in Illinois

1.      Public nominations starting October 1st until December 31st 2019

2.      Screen and categorize nominations by committee January 1st- January 15th

3.      Open voting to membership January 31st until February 14th

4.      Announce the winners on February 28th

5.      have induction ceremony on March 29th, 2020