Lindsay Kent



  • Live Performances
  • Marketing
  • Music Business
  • Singing
  • Songwriting

Meet Lindsay Kent


Lindsay Kent is a singer/songwriter from the Chicago suburbs who began her music journey at a very young age. Starting at School of Rock when she was only 12-years-old she fell in love with classic rock music and performing live. Being vocally trained throughout her childhood and performing live with her band she took a strong interest in the business side of music. Studying the industry with instruction from Clarence Welton (INOJ Music Artists LLC) drove Lindsay to dive head first into Music Business. In 2018 Lindsay began her journey at Columbia College Chicago studying Vocal Performance and soon transferred to Music Business with an emphasis on Live and Touring and Social Media Marketing and Promotion. Since then she has been performing as the lead singer with her former classic rock band The Millennials and now rebranded Gen FuZe. Lindsay has also formally worked with Hannah Ford Welton and Joshua Welton, Prince’s former drummer and producer, and Jim Peterik of Ides of March on multiple projects. Lindsay says, “Knowing and understanding how to be an artist is one thing, but understanding what goes on behind the scenes is a whole different ballgame. It’s what separates the good from the great.”

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